“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” Marilyn Monroe

stars image

Well Miss Monroe it would appear that lately I have taken your words quite literally as I have decided that no matter the occasion I should commit to always looking my best. And a recent event brought it home to me that although I put a lot of thought and effort into my clothes, I do not always put the same amount of effort into my make up or hair thereby making all the aforementioned effort and thought null and void. I suppose you could say it is a bit like making a beautiful cake but making a lousy job with the decorating, the icing  on  the top. So there I was at this event  pleased with my ensemble  thinking I looked fabulous. But a quick stop in at the toilets revealed greasy, flat hair, a colourless face, well grey in fact, with not a hint of life or sparkle. In short I looked awful. Then to make matters worse I left the toilets to find that the company I was in looked as though they had  just stepped out of the beauty salon. Perfectly coiffured hair, flawless makeup and her outfit, although not my style, was fitted to highlight her slender and trim figure. My grey face was now getting some  colour, but green is not and never will be a good colour, for me. As I sat there heaping criticism upon criticism on myself I realised  that I had simply not completed the task of getting ready and looking good. That I had simply overlooked an element of preparation, that I too could look flawless if I  by Miss Monroe’s words. That believing I deserve to light up a room, to dazzle, by believing in this of myself then I should make the effort to ensure it happens. Yes it takes time, yes it takes work but as the ad says, I’m worth it.