“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” Marilyn Monroe

Oh Marilyn how right you are yet why does it take some of us, no make that most of us, a very long time to realise this.  We see someone wearing a particular brand, or driving a particular car or living in a particular area and we copy them, we seek to emulate these people as if  they somehow possess the key, the secret to success, happiness whatever you want to call it. I see the young kids today doing the same, wearing the same uniform lest anyone think they were different, anyone think they were  unique individual selves. I see it with the number of self-help books that scream that by adopting someone else’s behavioural patterns you too can have what these people have. I see it when society condemn certain emotions as inferior or   unworthy. When to be different, to dress differently is a thing of ridicule, of outright reproach. When to show anger is unladylike or to cry is unmanly. This list of things that keep telling us not to be true to ourselves, is endless . I believe it was Shakespeare himself who all those years ago expressed the sentiment that we need to be true to ourselves and that in doing so we will be honest with everyone. And that is what this boils down to, that by repressing the parts of our character that makes us different we are presenting a false image of ourselves to the world.  In our desire to be like everyone else, we have forgotten to just be ourselves. To be happy that we think differently, that we dress differently even if that means we are far from picture perfect. That we make mistakes, that we are behind the ball on some things. That everyone else is driving in the fast lane and we are chugging along in the slow lane. It’s when you lose sight of your own self, when you devalue your own self-worth to such a point as to want to be anyone but yourself, that truly is the shame.