“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” Mae West

I read a book recently, no correction, I reread a book that I picked up when I lived in the States. It is called “The Bombshell Manual of Style” and although I do not consider myself a bombshell by any stretch, I have to admit after another look through at it, I think perhaps they might be on to something. Now although the media has always found it convenient to dismiss bombshells as merely sex objects, the dumb blonde, the empty albeit extremely gorgeous vessel; never under estimate a bombshell. They know exactly what they are about, what they want and how they should go about getting it. And they know how to live and enjoy life. The bubbles, the baubles, the baths, the books, the beautiful things they surround their lives with. I have begun to adopt some of their basic tenets and boy does it feel good. A recent evening after a bad, no make that horrible day, I took a long hot shower with plenty of nice smellies.(Okay the book says bath but my water heater takes an eternity to heat enough water to only half fill my bath.) Then I put on some silken pajamas,  a sky blue silk kimono and pored myself a glass of bubbly. No sweats tonight or sensible cup of mint tea. Then as I sat thoroughly enjoying the feel of silk against my freshly lotioned skin I pored myself another glass of bubbly. I like to drink bubbly from the champagne coupe glass favoured by Miss Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire  despite what the experts say about the flute. Somehow it feels more fun, more decadent especially since two sips finishes the glass so you have to refill often.The net effect of all these good things was that my mood lifted and I felt wonderful. So from here on out I intend to embrace the bombshell tenets and surround myself with beautiful things. Oh, and buy myself a pair of fluffy pink slipper mules. Every bombshell needs a pair.