“I have always known what I wanted, and that was beauty… in every form.” Joan Crawford

Beauty is personal, beauty is divisive, beauty is omniscient. Beauty gives pleasure to your mind, your senses. I like beautiful things and perhaps where this is seen best is my obsession with bags. I love bags, to me they are not something that has a practical purpose, that is there simply to perform a function. No, they are objects designed to bestow the wearer with immense gratification, a thrill. And mind you not always a cheap one but a contentment that defies financial consideration. Oh the absolute delight when I handle a bag that I like. My tastes run the gamut from designer to flea market, from giant shopper to clutch that barely holds a mobile. I could easily fill a room, and not a small one, with my bag collection and it is always  the bags I gravitate towards first when I enter a shop or a market. I went through a luxury designer phase but since I did not have the luxury bank account to go with it, I  cashed in my retirement savings. Not at all prudent but these bags are beautifully made and I wanted to have an object of beauty swinging from my shoulder. And for the duration of that phase, despite the depletion of my financial reserves, I was deliciously content. I saw them as an investment the way others see buying a Picasso or a Warhol as a necessary, nay essential, expenditure. And oh the pleasure I derive from trolling through flea markets for that perfect vintage specimen. Oh the tales that those bags could tell. I have come across many with an item left by the previous owner, a comb or better yet a matchbook. A relic from a time past that screamed glamour and glitz.  After all bags do many things other than provide a home for a purse or keys. When they sparkle they can illuminate a dull day, when they are a burst of colour,they are the perfect foil to an all black ensemble, when they are designer  they add cache, when they are one-of -a-kind they automatically impart that much sought  after moniker to the wearer. I see the allure, the artistry, the exquisiteness of bags, in short I see their beauty and like Ms Crawford, want it.