“I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.” Lauren Becall

Well it’s a lot easier to say this when your face is that of  Lauren Becall, but  even for the rest of us mere mortals, I think she has a point. I’m not a twenty something any more and in truth it’s been a while since I was a twenty something. So although I can still fit into the clothes I wore as a twenty something, if I wore them you’d only have to take one look at my face to know I was no twenty something year old. This gives me cause for concern and I am not alone. Every day millions of euro are spent by men and women on anti-aging products and procedures. Peels, injections, laser treatments the list is endless and ever growing. You’d have to be a hermit not to have read some article or book about all the ways we can tackle the aging process; the miracle creams, the revolutionary surgeries, the diets that defy time. I’ve seen some women and in truth they do look marvelous  they do look younger than their digits but I can’t help but wonder if perhaps Ms Becall has a point. I am not twenty something, a lot has happened to me in the intervening years. It has not all been good either and it shows. I have crevices where it should be smooth and flat, I have wrinkles where it should be round and rosy. I have redness where it should be pale and interesting and I have hair where there should be none. Do they each represent something for me? Honestly no, other than sheer annoyance that they are there in the first place but that is just my vanity, my ego kicking into gear. When however I am being a little less shallow,  I can also honestly say that you know what, they do show the variety of my life; they do show the ups, the downs; the very fact that I have lived and experienced life in all its splendor for a little more than twenty years. And that’s not a bad thing.