“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” M Monroe


The right shoes got Dorothy home, they freed Cinderella from a life of drudgery and servitude, and  finally Carrie her Big proposal.  The right shoes can walk off the wrong food choices, the right shoes can make a leg appear more branch-like then tree trunk; the right shoe can take an outfit from so-so to spectacular.  The wrong shoe spoils an outfit,vintage lovers know all too well the perils of  footwear; if you are going for a historical look you must be historically accurate, flappers never wore chunky platforms. But when, like Cinderella the shoe fits, boy what it can do. Instantly you feel a surge of power, you rise up to the occasion, step up to the plate if that’s what is called for but the point is you do it. Shoes like the steel plates of armour worn by  medieval knights protect and serve. In my case when I step into my heels not only do I physically transform by those few inches but something changes within me. Yes my hobbit-like feet( wide more so than hairy) suddenly look slender and sexy, but it is more than that. I feel empowered and not just because wearing heels all day demonstrates  a very high pain threshold but because well truth is I don’t exactly know why but it happens every time. In heels I become Doris Day with my smiles and cheeriness, Marilyn Monroe  with her archetypal femaleness,  Joan Crawford with her  steely determination and Mae West for her sass and swagger. With all these powerhouses shaping me how then can I not take on the world and win.