“It’s the one thing that gives me some zest when I feel tired.” Brigette Bardot

Babycham glass (1)

Bubbly, champers, shampoo,  call it what you will, but on this day , small personal celebration you see, I feel it is time for my personal ode to this sparkling libation that is produced when  grapes grown in a particular region in France are fermented in a special way to create carbonation. Fizzy wine that is  made elsewhere must be labeled as something other than champagne as per French legal code but often times in common usage the one name, champagne, is applied like the one ring, to rule them all. I’m not a bubbly snob; champagne became popular because of its association with French royalty and today can come with a price tag only royalty could afford, but there are thankfully less costly alternatives on the market that provide just the same ‘kick’.I do know from experience that  the colder the bottle the more bubbles  you get, that pouring while tilting the glass at an angle will preserve even more bubbles. Or that if you just go right ahead and pour into an upright glass you will get this ‘mousse’ like head which you slurp quickly to prevent loosing any precious  liquid over the side of the glass. Even the type of glass you serve it in impacts the bubble factor; the long stemmed flute winning the award for most bubble maintenance. I also know from experience that the alcohol in champagne is more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, thanks again  bubbles, which  can mean you get drunker faster. I learnt recently, thanks to some study or other, that moderate consumption can even help the brain cope with the trauma of stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. But what I know most of all is that nothing says celebration like a bottle of bubbly; that the effervescence effortlessly elevates moods,  energizes with zest and makes the world seem just that little bit more zingy. So I’m off now to pop open a bottle and revel in some golden bubbles.