“I often think that a slightly exposed shoulder emerging from a long satin nightgown packs more sex than two naked bodies in bed.” B Davis

sexinessquotedownloadFirst we had the LBD now we have the WBD. For those of you hiding under a rock or perhaps just don’t devour  fashion-related news as though it were one’s last morsel of food before embarking on a charity fast, the WBD is the ‘why bother dress’, the sliver of material that just about keeps its wearer out of legal difficulties. Unfortunately the WBD is gaining popularity amongst the VIP set leading to the demise of the aforementioned LBD which is now RIPing in the back of wardrobes everywhere lamenting its fate rather like Miss Havisham. All the women dressed in these , well to call them dresses is to call a pond an ocean, have beautiful bodies. And we know because we can see them,but exposed flesh along does not equate to sexiness or anything much really. Having spent time on a number of nudist beaches let me tell you in no uncertain terms constant in-your-face nakedness desensitizes one to the very fact of nakedness. Exposed skin no longer arouses, excites or titillates;  it simply becomes skin, the largest organ in the body and comprised of three layers. Granted you do look and notice the sizes and shapes of other  people’s body parts but after a while you see them as nothing more than shapes, all aspects of sex or sensuousness is removed. And to be honest mostly you are glad that clothes were invented and not just because they protect against the elements! But you can show off your body without showing us your body, you can be proud of your perk breasts or your  pert bottom, but again, shoving them in our faces isn’t the only way to exhibit your enviable goods.  In fact I’m no longer impressed, awed or even offended by these exhibitionists. And I am most certainly not aroused or tantalized which is perhaps the saddest part of it all. Because I do think on some level that is the objective, so not only have they exposed themselves to ridicule, to scorn, to the cold, they have failed in what in truth is the simplest,most basic goal, to arouse desire, to seduce. Miss Davis, a woman whose name and fame will outlast this crop of WBD wearers,  spoke many truths, not the least of which is that sexiness is about suggestion, about the tease of what’s to come, what is  hidden  yet to be discovered or revealed. In simple terms, less is more;  more tantalizing, more alluring, more seductive. We can’t all have Betty Davis eyes, but we can all take note and revel in the reveal.