“I don’t have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.” Elizabeth Taylor

elizabeth taylorWho knew that Liz and I would have so much in common. She loved her jewels, I love my bit of sparkle too. She reportedly had quite the sailor’s mouth and I too pepper my speech with a bit of colour, a dash of  ***’s. She loved the tortured soul that was  Monty Clift and so do I, in fact I think I have my very own  daily reminder of him in my son’s overly hirsute eyebrows. A feature he disliked intensely until I showed him photo’s of good old Monty and informed him of Monty’s movie idol status with legions of adoring screaming female fans. But perhaps where were are most alike is our low tolerance for BS. Now I am not entirely sure how Liz handled her disapproval but for some reason I feel she would have simply called people out on it. But then when you are Liz Taylor you can do this. But for us ordinary folks, it is not quite so simple. If I was to call  out every person who is a BS dealer I’d be left with very few, if any, friends or acquaintances. People don’t like to be called out when they are in mid or full BS flight.mode  And then there is the sheer volume of BSers. And to make matters worse, most of them who feed off the other people around them who are dishing it out  like they work in a soup kitchen in 1930’s America. So for some inexplicable reason I find myself surrounded by them on a daily basis. Am I alone in this? Is it just me and Liz? When I was younger it left me feeling battered and bruised and very unsure of myself. I tried to be honest so I assumed, wrongly as it turned out , that so did everyone else . So when they started with all the BS I didn’t know how to act, or react as the case more often was. It made fitting in nigh on impossible in some situations and it definitely has kept me to the periphery in most social settings. I think at times it gave me the unwelcome and untrue distinction of being,aloof, of  feeling superior to others,  or more kindly, but equally untrue, an introvert. This meant making friends has been difficult and I don’t have as many as a lot of women do simply because I didn’t take the option BS 101. And honestly this works for me, I’d rather solitude to BSattiude any day.   But despite my best efforts I still find myself faced with experts in the field and here is where I look to Liz for guidance.In his diaries Richard Burton  called her many things, and not all of them were flattering, but what is clearly obvious is his admiration for her  indomitable fighting spirit. She was feisty, she was loud, she was crude and she was ‘nobody’s fool’. Not bad eh? What a description! Because it must be remembered that she used this temperament to fight for the things and people she believed in. She  campaigned relentlessly for AIDS/HIV programs, founding the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation in 1993.  After her conversion to Judaism she supported  Jewish causes throughout her life, even offering herself up in exchange  for the hostages in the Entebbe skyjacking incident in 1976. She never bought into the studio hierarchy system and treated everyone as equal – from crew to studio boss. Status or wealth held little sway with her. She judged people by her own standards and never let all the other BS get in the way. So Liz I will never have the most expensive jewelry collection or have seven husbands but I do intend to keep up the good fight, to not suffer all the BS in silence, and to say what I really think of all this gibberish,drivel, bull crap.