“Live long and sparkle” A new twist to an old quote. Thanks Mr Spock

IMAG0030Okay so confession time. I am a closet Trekkie and my closet if full of clothes that sparkle. I just love me some adventures in space and  anything or everything  with a bit of glitz. And no, my choices when I wear said sparkly items are most definitely not logical,but they are fun. Nothing adds brilliance or vitality to an outfit like a bag, dress, or top that dazzles. I don’t keep the glitter for going out; I wear it on a daily basis and it is amazing how many compliments I receive  just because I have added a touch of shine to my every day attire. Not to say that I am glammed up and wearing a sequined dress with heels as I do the groceries. No that would be going a little too boldly where no woman has gone before. But what I do mean is that I will throw a sequined top or jacket over jeans and a pair of converse, or a shimmery top over skinnies with a pair of  ballet pumps. I have this one bag, silver sequins with a long strap, and I throw it over my denim jacket and work out gear.   Sweats and sequins – an odd pairing but one that adds a little dash of glamour  and zip to  an otherwise very functional and practical  ensemble. Like the magpie when I go shopping my eyes are instantly drawn to anything that shines, so I have quite the stockpile of bits and bobs that I then weave into everyday outfits to make them just that little bit more ebullient. Resistance is futile,so why bother? So now no matter the outfit or colour I pretty much will have something  fabulously incandescent to add to it. And how  thrilled  was I when recently  all the shops stocked  the latest trend for glitter nail polish. I have my own special little jar of glitter that I add to my red lipstick ,which I then seal in with  lashings of gloss to keep my lips shimmering for as long as possible. For me there is no final frontier so I will continue to alight with alacrity upon anything that shines . My life doesn’t revolve around parties or fancy restaurants or clubs but that shouldn’t stop me wearing what I want. And yes people have inquired as to where I must be going and respond with a bemused look when I say that no,  I’m not going anywhere special. I have  always believed you should dress for yourself, not for others, and as I get older, I find myself indulging in this more fervently. So I shall continue to engage  all that glitters and make it so that what  I am wearing, illuminates the sometimes grey and deary world.