“I try to feed my hunger rather than my appetite.” Ginger Rogers

not-sure-if-sore-from-ab-workout-or-ate-too-much-foodWeight and the subject of body size weigh heavily on our collective psyche. Magazines, newspapers, television and the radio all at some point or another run articles or features about this challenging quagmire. In our never ending quest to defeat the muffin-top, the office worker’s -arse, the extra baby weight, the beer belly, the tin of Roses including those in the pink and orange wrapper that I don’t even like,  it would appear that we have loaded our arsenal and taken a shot. Your firearm of choice will depend on your particular fighting style. For the disciplined  there is a kaleidoscope of dieting options available running the gamut of the alphabet from Atkins to the Vegan Diet.  For those of us who like safety in numbers there are programs like Weight Watchers and Slimming World, each with their own legions of devotees who swear by the methods advocated by each system.  And for those of us who prefer  hand-to-hand combatant there is the exercise route. From  gym classes to that old staple, running , there is now a physical activity that can address every muscle, every bit of flab, every extra takeaway or whatever aged joint presents the most problems.  Most of us choose one course and pursue it with steely determination, although perhaps if we had always only chosen one course we wouldn’t need to be there in the first place!There are nutcases out there who diet, count their points/sins and are always out pounding the pavement, but  no one likes them anyway, plus the general consensus is that all that work and effort has just aged them! And no one wants to look older than  they are unless you are underage and trying to buy alcohol or smokes! Neither of which, by the way,  will be your friend when later on it is your turn or time to do battle with the bulge. Not ever being able to resist temptation,  and not being big on joining groups, I chose to ‘get physical’ or to use  more contemporary lyrics, to ‘work  bitch.’ This was fine and dandy and suited me until I read somewhere that although exercise is great, when it comes to the issue of body weight, the single biggest factor, that which holds the most sway,  is what we put in it. Which probably explains why despite my improved muscle tone I wasn’t exactly throwing out all my old clothes cos they no longer fitted me. No they all still fit and they are all still tight on those days when I have over indulged, which if I’m honest, is more often than not. I like eating, what can I say? And worse I eat everything – I am like Lady Liberty welcoming all the huddled masses -salty, sweet, spicy – check, check check; you are all invited to my plate. When I was new to California  a date,  apparently unused to seeing girls eat so much,  complimented me for  my large appetite. He seemed happy to share a meal with someone who actually at something other than salad. Although that was before he got the check, which perhaps explains why he never called again. Exercise is good for you and I get antsy if I’m sitting for too long; but if I really want to watch or loose the lbs, what I need to do is heed Ms Roger’s oh so sound and sage advice. It is less about what I eat and more about how much, and it really is as simple as that for most of us. We all need food, but the gargantuan quantities we consume, we do not need. Size does matter. From here on out I am going to make a concerted effort to remember this before I pile my plate high, look for seconds and thirds, eat the entire box of chocolate fingers or finish off what the kids have left on their plates. Wish me luck, Ginger.