One butter and egg fly and two dicks.

She arrived togged to the bricks.Film-noir-300x135

But the dick and the g-man knew she was Fat Sam’s moll and that she was wearing iron.

“Listen doll before you make tracks we are just two Joes who want the low down on who is bleeding Governor Smith?”

“Have you got a snipe?” she purred. It was obvious she had the bulge and the flatfoot was dizzy with this dame but unless she helped some patsy would sit on the hotsquat for his final kiss off. This kitten wanted to bump gums but the g-man was hard boiled and feeling evil. “Listen dollface we can go to your cave and you can give us all the lowdown there.” “I ain’t no snitch. I’m just a canary who likes a good wingding.” “Nuts. But if that’s the way you wanna play it. We might have to take a closer look at this gin mill.” The flatfoot was getting nervous. He asked for some city juice. He looked at the g-man, “I think this is a trip for biscuits. I mean, look at her, she ain’t no twit.” “Yeah but she knows the butter and egg man.”

They got up to leave.  The broad blew the flatfoot a honey cooler. “Abyssinia.” Then she moved off to make a dil-ya-ble.