Gilda was released in 1946 and stars Glenn Ford as Johnny Farrell and Rita Hayworth as Gilda, two people caught up in a dangerous game involving Nazis, illegal gambling and perhaps most dangerous of all, a love-hate relationship. Set in Buenos Aires the story follows Johnny as he tries to save his skin by serving as a bodyguard to the man who is now married to Gilda, his former love who dumped him unceremoniously back in New York. Of course they are still madly in love despite how frequently they express their hatred for one another. I love this film for loads of reasons –  Hayworth’s singing, Hayworth’s wardrobe, but probably most of all because there actaully seems to be some chemistry between Johnny and Gilda which is rare in most of these old Hollywood classics. Her sex appeal, at one point she does a sort of striptease to anger Johnny , is real, and the tension between them is palpable . When they are tearing into each other verbally you know they really just want to tear into each other, to rip those beautiful dresses and release those pent up emotions. In some ways this film is reminiscent of Casablanca – the frustrated love, the night club that I so want to go to, the erstwhile local cop and so on, but Gilda has more in that Hayworth sings, dances and sparkles as the ultimate femme fatale; the woman not afraid to tease, to be sexy and to look absolutely fabulous doing it.

Definitely watch.